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  1. Scholarships for Science Majors
  2. The Best Student Discounts You Could and Should Get with an .edu Email Address
  3. Scholarships for Women in Science
  4. 15 Brand Names Scholarships and Internships

1. Scholarships for Science Majors

Science experiments are no games. Similarly, majoring college in science is not an easy task. Future scientist have a difficult responsibility ahead of them – one day they will be the ones to conduct research, experiment, and improve all of our lives.

There are organizations that understand the challenges and the dedication. They reward it with scholarships to raise a new crop of scientists. Let’s take a look at a few of those offers.

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists Foundation Scholarship provides financial support for budding physicists, geophysicists, geoscientists, and environmental scientists. The scholarship ranges from $500 to $14,000 and are not limited to just U.S. citizens. The future students can apply for financial aid in their senior year of high school. Current students are also eligible to try for this scholarship as long as their grades are above average. Application process is not complicated and open from October to March online.

Another scholarship available to future physics teachers is Barbara Lotze Scholarship for Future Teachers from The American Society of Physics Teachers. This help is available for students who plan to teach at high schools after graduation. Only current undergraduate students or high school seniors already accepted to a 2 or 4 year college can apply for this one. Applications are accepted throughout the year. The only limitations are the requirement of U.S. citizenship and 3.0 or above GPA score.

Sometimes companies sponsor specific scholarships to attract future specialists into their field. One such example is Shell Oil Company Technical Support Scholarship. This scholarship is dedicated to 20 high school students per years who want to study geoscience or engineering at one of 20 universities that are members of this net. The amount provided by this scholarship is $2,500 for the first year and then $5,000 each university year if grade requirements are met.

The Society of Plastics Engineers curates a few scholarships for undergraduate students who are thinking or enrolled in plastics studies. Each scholarship varies, but they all are tailored towards future careers in plastics. Those subjects include physics, engineering in plastics and polymer, chemical and mechanical engineering.

Students can apply for this scholarship multiple times as long as they maintain good grades and meet all the qualification criterions, and do it before April. There is no limit on age, so all levels students can apply.

Heinlein Society Scholarships are available for engineer, math or physics majors. They can be awarded $1,000. It applies for science fiction literature majors, including Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship just for female students. Freshmen students that take full load of courses studying for bachelors in science and arts can apply for these grants.

The rules of application are pretty easy – application, biography career aspirations, plus an essay on a chosen topic.

Sarasota County High school African American students can apply for The Community Foundation of Sarasota County scholarships. There is a variety of them as long as participants have plans to study physical sciences and can prove that their families are in a need of financial aid. Saul H. and JoAnne Coplan Scholarships support biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and technology majoring students.

Participants have to maintain at least 3.0 GPA and show that they qualify for free lunch program. In addition to that, they have to present a letter from their science teachers testifying about their scientific intentions and capabilities. A list of science competitions and Olympiads is also beneficial.

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2. The Best Student Discounts You Could and Should Get with an .edu Email Address

Students use all the financial help they can get, so that they could invest their time in their chosen study fields. They will take scholarships and any other source of income. What if one source of income could come in the form of discounts available for students? As it turns out, the promotions are plentiful - all you have to do is possess a student ID and an email address that ends with .edu.

So let’s explore what some of the famous companies offer to those of us who study.


Every student should become an Amazon Student and get free 6 months Prime membership and all the benefits that come with it: free shipping, Prime Video, photo storage without limits, and student oriented discounts. Face it – Amazon has everything and Amazon wants your business when you order dorm supplies and paper towels.

At the end of the 6 month period, Amazon will reward you with 50% cheaper annual membership as long as you still have .edu email. Paid service will also allow you to access kindle library for your reading needs.

After you graduate, don’t drop your .edu address just yet – enjoy the perks for a little bit longer.


Spotify music can be a life saver for students in the need of concentration during their nightly cram sessions. Spotify ads can be their biggest enemies. The company is student friendly and offers 50% ad free subscription. Instead of paying $9.99, actively enrolled students will pay $4.99 each moth as long as they can prove that they are currently in school.

This subscription fee is available for 12 months. After that Spotify will verify your status each academic year. Freshmen should waste no time and become a Spotify students right away.

Microsoft Office

It would be hard to find a student today who doesn’t use Google Docs to participate in group projects for information exchange and submission. Despite its popularity, students still use Microsoft Office – there is just no way to survive without Word, Excel, Power Point, and OneNote. All those apps come in Office 365 bundle that is free with an active .edu email. Take advantage of it and also enjoy 10% off on Windows devices.


Apple is making sure to keep up with Microsoft. Such competition is beneficial for students – Apple music is discounted at $4.99/month and other deals are available for Macs and Ipads from Apple Education Store. In addition to students, Apple wants to make sure parents and teachers also buy their products with discounts.

The Washington Post

It’s never too early to attract new readers, start them young. Washington Post understands that a reading relationship is beneficial for both sides. Students need to keep up with world news, and the Post needs future readers. The subscription is free for all students and alumni. Military and government personnel can also enjoy this perk and all free platforms.

The New York Times

The New York Times is not free, but it also offers some sweet deals. The digital subscription is $1 per week instead of regular $3.75. That is only $48 per year. If you are interested in printed version, your active student email address will help you get some great discounts too.


Adobe is used extensively by design students and just anybody interested in photography. As long as you are a student, you can use Creative Cloud for a lot less. $9.99 per month will give you Photoshop and Lightroom. If those are not enough and you want to enjoy all Adobe’s apps, pay $19.99. This doesn’t seem cheap, but non-student cost is $49.99, so you get $30 savings for 20+ programs.

If even the post-discount price doesn’t seem acceptable, use your school computers that most media labs have installed.


Some future professionals and scientist are interested in creating their own website or digital portfolio before they graduate. Busy students need a way to achieve that in a timely fashion, and have a clean and good looking product. Squarespace is such a builder. They also offer 50% off first year service for students from participating universities. Regular subscription with lighten your wallet by $144 each year, so don’t wait and get it done before it’s time to start that job search.


Amtrak serves a good part of the country with 30 train routes. Some of those routes are important to students who want to travel, visit family and friends, and even get to their classes.

Amtrak is student friendly and offers 15% off each trip for valid student ID holders. There are some requirement to be met – students have to be 13-25 years old and book their trip 3 days earlier. So plan ahead and save.

Besides all the mentioned companies, students should pay attention to local discounts available to them from various businesses, from restaurants to phone companies.

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3. Scholarships for Women in Science

Modern women go to first time studies or return for a change of degree in such quantities that their numbers rival men in many scholastic areas. However, women are still very much outnumbered by men in scientific professions. To encourage females to join in forces with men in physics, biology, computer science, and engineering, some individual companies and wealthy education lovers offer various financial aids. It’s long overdue for women to prosper in scientific sector and stop being a minority.

We will take a look at just a few different scholarships designed only for women in some of scientific fields. Each field has scholarships for both genders, but we will focus only on the ones that are granted only for women.


Biology studies are closely related to our everyday life and develop into careers in medicine, animal care, environment protection, and education. There is little surprise that women are encouraged to partake in those fields. To help with research and graduate studies cost, there a few grants available for females in biology.

Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship is geared towards females and minorities who choose to study ocean sciences, such as oceanography and marine biology. This scholarship is curated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and is available on

Libbie H. Hyman Memorial $750 - 1,000 Scholarship is awarded to only one biology studying female a year and has to be applied for by March.

Women Divers Hall of Fame Scholarship, as the name suggests, is given to marine biology and environmental protection female students. Undergraduate and graduate students can compete for this $1,000-2,000 per year grant. To enter students have to fill out an application and write an essay. Students can apply for one scholarship each year.

Physical Sciences

Geology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy are included in this category. Women in these fields usually end up doing research and continue their education thus acquiring some serious expenses. Thankfully there are a few scholarships for women in these fields.

Maria Goeppert Mayer Award provides $2,500 and allows an additional $4,000 for traveling expenses to go and speak at different scholastic events for the chosen field. Future physicist women must provide their biography, a list of printed work in the field, and 2 letters to support their cause to apply for this grant.

The M. Hildred Blewett Scholarship is tailored for women physicists who aspire to become doctorate degree holders, but had to postpone their studies due to family matters. Financial resources provided by this grant can help these women come back to their academic learning and fieldwork. The participants must be legal in the country and have ties with a selected research facility.

Computer Science

Computer science is probably the most lucrative field these days, as no industry can exist without smoothly running computer systems. Computers are used by everybody, from farmers to builders, and government. This is one scientific sector where more women are entering. Studies like this can lead to high cost, so financial help is very useful.

The Vanguard Women in Information Technology Scholarship: any female computer engineers are eligible for this scholarship. It provides amounts up to $10,000 for participants in university junior or senior years.

Michigan Council of Women in Technology Scholarship provides various grants for women in high school senior of college undergraduate years to pursue a career in technology sector. The awards are $15,000 – 20,000 and can be used to offset research, labs, or travel costs.


If there is one field where women are really scarce, it would engineer. To even out the opportunities, there are various scholarships created to attract to more women into this lucrative field.

Society of Automotive Engineers Women Engineers Scholarship will reward $2,000 for freshmen women entering engineering studies. They have to maintain at least 3.0 GPA score and show good merit.

Alpha Omega Epsilon Scholarships are granted to women who choose to study in engineering related fields. The required GPA score varies depending on the chosen field.

General Science Scholarships

Some scholarships are not dedicated to one particular field, but rather cover a wide range of them and are open to a greater number of applicants. They each have their own requirements.

The Jeannette Rankin Foundation Scholarships: they are dedicated for older low-income women studying in technical or vocational sectors. Award receivers have to be 35 or older and seek their first degree. They also have to U.S. citizens. The application period is from November to February.

The Ford Foundation’s Pre-doctoral Fellowship of Minorities. The name speaks for itself and is available to all gender students in engineering, math, and science fields. However, women and minorities are strongly encouraged to seek this grant to excel in their fields. The awarded amount is $20,000 per year and can provide significant financial help.

Best way to find available grants is to check with your department and financial aid officials in your university. Many higher education providers have different scholarships available for different fields and might get confusing. The guidance from experienced financial aid professionals can be of great help finding and applying for the best offerings.

Minority women have a wide range of scholarships available for them through specific heritage institutions and funds.

Single mothers also have a few options to receive financial aid to go back to school. There are scholarships and funds offering help with loan repayment and an ongoing assistance for moms who are returning to continue their education.

Sunshine Lady Foundation offers financial help for women who have experienced domestic abuse. Some of those grants are devoted to returning back to school females.

Choosing career in scientific fields might be tough and participating women might be expected to break some societal stereotypes, but it will empower them and provide great job opportunities. Getting there will never be easy and will require long years of dedication and research, but increasing number of grants available can at least take financial burden away.

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4. 15 Brand Names Scholarships and Internships

Most of us wouldn’t even think that some of our loved retail brands can help us pay for our education or offer us a first step to our future career. We trust our favorite brands and expect them to be credible and trustworthy. Those retailers provide scholarships and other financial aid to build lasting relationships and to secure future customer loyalty.

Fastweb collected a lot of brand name scholarships and internships in one source, but we will take a look at 15 greatest ones. There are a lot of opportunities out there that don’t end with this list, and are worth exploring.

$15,000 TeenDrive 365 Video Challenge

$15,000 grants are given to high school and college first year students whose video about safe teen driving wins. The video has to be up to 1minute long and highlight the importance of distraction-free driving.

Doodle 4 Google Contest

$30,000 is awarded to college seniors, continuous education students, and all school grades. The applicants have to draw a doodle with a future vision to win.

Target Stores Scholarship CSUF

All college students at California State University Fullerton can apply for this $1,000 grant. They are eligible if they chose a field in business and maintain no less than 3.0 GPA with interest in retail career.

Glen Bell Scholarship

This financial is available for all levels college students and offers $2,000 for technologies students form Taco Bell Corporation. The only people that can participate are Taco Bell employees.

Gerber Scholarship in Pediatrics Program

$5,000 is awarded to all level underprivileged minority students who specialize in medicine and lean towards pediatrics and nutrition.

Walgreens Scholarship – Iowa Pharmacy

Senior university students specializing in pharmacy at the University of Iowa are eligible for this grant. They are asked to focus on leadership and prepare to work with communities.

Pixar Animation Studios Internship

Pixar is one the greatest places to work for animation designers and offers an internship for all levels students and recent graduates. Participants are guaranteed to work together with Pixar employees and enjoy the team spirit. Needless to say, such internship can lead to a great career in the future.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Internship

Who wouldn’t want to work for Ellen? Warner Brothers Entertainment Group offers this opportunity to all active students. The best application story will win the desired spot.

Facebook UX Researcher Intern

Recent graduates dreaming to work for the social giant can apply for this position if they are interested in working towards their Master’s degree in social technology science, human computer interaction, or psychology related subject. Intern researchers will work with product teams in design, research, result calculation, analysis, and conclusion presentation.

McDonald’s Archways to Opportunities Program

All level McDonald’s employees, from line workers to management personnel are eligible for this program as long as they work in the U.S. and no less than 20 weekly hours.

Microsoft Business Internship

Junior to senior students are offered to work in company’s finance, employment recruiting, law, advertising, and publishing departments.

Toys’R’Us Student Internship

College students can apply for this 10 week position during summer time. The participants will be compensated for their time learning management skills during various collaborations and work with experienced management members.

Allstate Insurance Internship

Open for all – from freshmen to recent graduates, this program is geared towards insurance field specialists. Various areas of interest, such as insurance science, project management, computer science, and math are covered by this internship, so the door is open to many different experts.

John Deer Internship Program

This opportunity is presented to all levels of college students who are actively pursuing a degree in economics, computer science, and business management.

Shell Internship

Shell Oil Company offers internship opportunities for all students who are thinking about a career in any of Shell businesses. The participants are required to have an analytic mind, be capable to deal with problems head on, and function freely in a team environment. The company will pay for their time up to a year.

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