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Filippov Scientific Foundation Founders

Konstantin Filippov
Co-Founder of Filippov Scientific Foundation

Konstantin and Mariya Filippov - Bringsales
Konstantin and Mariya Filippov, Founders of Filippov Scientific Foundation. October 2018

Before founding in 2006 Konstantin Filippov specialized in scientific research. Under the supervision of Prof. Balandin he conducted the research devoted to self-heating effect in GaN. Konstantin got his Master Degree in Russia. After attending Bashkir State University, Ufa, Russia for two years where he specialized in physics Konstantin chose to continue his education at M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 1999 he graduated with the gold medal from M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, and was awarded Master of Science Degree in Physics summa cum laude, specialization Theoretical Physics, Bogolyubov's Department of Quantum Statistics and Field Theory.

Konstantin has been interested in physics and mathematics since school. He attended Secondary School #41 (specialized in math), Ufa, Russia, and graduated with the silver medal in 1992, Jun. When at school he was a prizewinner of a number of regional competitions in physics, math, computer science, and literature. A finalist of the state math competition, he was qualified for enrollment without exams in Bashkir State University, Faculty of Mathematics. In 1994 he was honored by the stipend of the president of Bashkortostan for excellent studying and in 1998 was awarded M.V. Lomonosov honors stipend. His overall GPA is 4.00 out of 4, with only excellent grades at both MSU and BSU.

Maria Filippov and Kristin Shelton, Founders of Filippov Scientific Foundation
Maria Filippov and Kristin Shelton, Founders of Filippov Scientific Foundation. March 2018

His education and background in physics, mathematics and software development led him to become a founder of the successful e-commerce business that has been staying in the market for 10 years already.

Maria Filippov
Co-Founder of Filippov Scientific Foundation

A co-founder of, Maria Filippov is running multiple internet projects. A brilliant manager, she is in charge of marketing activities, including promotion and web design. She also deals with personnel and manages a team of qualified contractors, deciding such issues as recruiting, hiring, training and promoting contractors. In 2009 she was named one of top 20 affiliate marketers by Home Depot. Her knowledge of humanitarian arts as well as finance and accounting has helped her become a successful marketer and innovative manager capable to reject classic methods of solving problems and seek new original solutions.

Kristin D. Shelton
Co-Founder of Filippov Scientific Foundation

Kristin Shelton, Founder of Filippov Scientific Foundation
Kristin Shelton, Founder of Filippov Scientific Foundation. March 2018

Kristin Shelton was chosen to lead a unique mix of company’s central marketing strategies and assisting customers via bank financing, legal proceedings aid, and tax preparation activities.

Ms. Shelton is vital in various business expansion concepts for the company. Her directorial duties include mapping the marketing strategies and their course, facilitating programs to enhance customer service experience and relations, and building the platform for potential future clients and referrals database. She is involved in the management and oversight of advertising communication channels.

Ms. Shelton is an active participant in the forensic litigation support group effort. She analyzes and works to strategize cases in co-occurrence of complainant and defendant sides. She also has responsibilities in personal and business tax preparation cases.

Ms. Shelton graduated from USC with a Business Administration Degree with a focus on entrepreneurship and intercontinental marketing. She started her career working for Merrill Lynch in the Department of Financial Advice, where she specialized in 401K plans and ERISA / 404C adherence. In additional to her professional career, Ms. Shelton co-founded a successfully operating and growing parking company in Los Angeles. Whenever she gets a chance, Kristin Shelton loves spending time with her family, enjoys traveling the world, and supports her favorite USC Trojan football team – Fight on!